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    CIDA provides Behavioral and Therapeutic services
    through an Interdisciplinary Approach

  • Services

    ABA services, ST, OT, PT Feeding and Nutritional Counselling.
    We service children from Birth to 22 years of age in the clinic setting

  • Business Model

    CIDA is a Franchisor for ABA, Therapy and Educational Support Services


Welcome To
CIDA India

Children’s Institute of Development and Advancement (CIDA) provides various behavioral therapies and educational services through an interdisciplinary approach. We provide services to children from birth to 22 years of age in centers, home and community settings.

Our evidence-based interventions and behavioral solutions enhance independence and help children achieve their maximum potential.

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To empower a child’s success by cultivating their growth and development whereby they can thrive to achieve unimaginable results.


To be an ambassador for world class therapeutic services, by improving the lives of children and advancing their success within our communities


  • Excellence in care
  • Embracing diversity and supporting inclusion
  • Bringing out the very best in every child through meaningful experiences 

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